Step-Parent Adoptions and Private Adoptions

At the law firm of McCleave & Shields, LLC, we take great joy in our ability to help unite families through the process of adoption. We handle step-parent adoptions as well as private adoptions.

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Experienced Adoption Attorney - Richard E. Shields

The process of adoption is simpler in Alabama than it is in many other states. However, there are legal formalities that must be adhered to in order to properly conclude an adoption in Alabama. The adoptive parent must understand that they are taking on the rights and legal responsibilities of a natural parent. If you are seeking to extinguish the parental rights of a mother or father who is no longer active in the life of the child, there are appropriate steps that must be taken to avoid future complications.

At McCleave & Shields, LLC, we use experience to handle your adoption case properly. Our adoption practice is headed by attorney Richard E. Shields, an experienced family law attorney who has been practicing law for more than 25 years. Attorney Shields has experience in step-parent adoptions and private adoptions, including interstate adoptions.

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If you are thinking about adoption, learn more about your rights by speaking with an attorney at our firm. To contact an experienced adoption lawyer at our firm, call 251-272-3845, or contact us by e-mail.